Industry Experience Is Helpful But Not Necessary | Starting A Business Networking Group.

You don’t need a résumé filled with past networking gigs to thrive with Network In Action. In fact, only a fraction of our franchise owners—about 30%—come equipped with prior business networking experience. The rest are cut from the same cloth as our founder, Scott Talley, who, back in 2014, launched the inaugural Network in Action group sans any networking pedigree.

What sets Scott and our tribe of franchisees apart is their keen understanding of the struggles inherent in business growth, coupled with an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier networking experiences to our members.

“I entered this arena with just a basic understanding of networking groups,” shares Barbara Anne Konick, who heads up a group in Katy and joined NIA a little over a year ago. “And you know what? That’s been a blessing in disguise.”

Barbara Anne and countless other franchisees bring a fresh perspective to business networking, unencumbered by conventional wisdom. “Once I grasped the simplicity of assembling a cadre of business owners, I didn’t hesitate to snag a second territory. I didn’t need to pore over the volunteer-led networking group playbook; I simply followed NIA’s blueprint.”

Business Networking | Building Relationships

While business networking is our playground, our true mission is to “forge connections that stand the test of time.” We breathe life into this mission by doubling down on delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Our franchisee training zeroes in on mastering the networking aspect, equipping you with the skills to cultivate your group and keep members engaged.

NIA empowers franchisees to curate a stellar roster of business owners—individuals who resonate with the franchise owner’s ethos and whom they’re eager to support in the long haul. We expect our franchise owners to become authorities in their domain, swiftly transitioning to orchestrating monthly meetings with professional finesse. The NIA touch sets us apart, attracting and retaining stellar clientele who evolve into lifelong allies.