Revolutionize Your Networking Game with Network In Action

At Network In Action, we’re not just reinventing the wheel—we’re steering it in a whole new direction. And it all boils down to one crucial element: seasoned leadership.

A Fresh Take on Business Networking

What sets Network In Action apart from the pack is our unconventional approach. Unlike other networking groups, the majority of our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds, not necessarily rooted in networking. We believe in seeing the business through the eyes of our members, steering clear of the worn-out paths trodden by traditional networking groups. Our goal? To inject every meeting with a burst of energy, excitement, and action. We seek franchisees who resonate with our ethos and have crafted robust training and support systems to guide them on their journey to launching and monetizing their business networking group.

With over 20 thriving locations and not a single group closure to date, Network In Action stands tall in an industry fraught with pitfalls and false starts. Here’s how we get folks like you up to speed:

Comprehensive Training

Our franchisees undergo over 40 hours of intensive training covering leadership, sales and marketing, cutting-edge technology, member retention, and dynamic meeting facilitation. This immersive experience unfolds at NIA’s corporate headquarters in Houston, setting the stage for your group’s launch. No prior networking experience? No problem. Optional mentorship programs, personalized coaching sessions via Skype, and weekly calls with the NIA founder ensure you’re primed for success. And if you find yourself falling short of expectations despite your best efforts, rest assured—we’ve got your back. We’ll personally swoop in to jump-start your group, although to date, that lifeline has rarely been needed. That’s right—100% of our franchise owners have seen a return on their investment within 120 days. We don’t just teach you how to start a networking group; we equip you to build a thriving business.

Creating Connections, NIA Style

Members of Network In Action experience networking like never before. Picture this: an afternoon meeting where members are greeted warmly, offered refreshments, and dive straight into networking sans the usual hoopla and volunteer drama. Franchisees don’t push for memberships; instead, they follow our proven sales model, where business owners are eager to join. It’s all about putting prospects at ease, fostering genuine connections, and ensuring mutual fit. After all, you’re building a membership committee of allies you’re proud to stand by. And with over 30% of members referring friends and family, the proof is in the pudding.

Empowering You with Tools for Success

At Network In Action, we believe in arming our franchise owners with the tools they need to thrive. From our robust intranet site connecting you with seasoned franchise owners to system-wide swap reports offering invaluable insights into industry dynamics, we’ve got you covered. Our success hinges on yours, so count on world-class support every step of the way.

Technical Training

Once you sign on the dotted line, we waste no time in equipping you with the knowledge you need to excel. Access our comprehensive training materials and online courses round the clock, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve and primed to make waves in the networking world.